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Just Moved In by Dima Malanitchev

M.D. and LarkGallery are pleased to announce City Planes, an exhibition of paintings by the Emmy Award-winning artist Dima Malanitchev. Well- known for his work in animation, where he has been a nominee for and recipient of multiple awards, this is the first solo show of Malanitchev’s paintings in Los Angeles. The exhibition will be on view October 25 - November 8, 2014. The opening reception is on Saturday, October 25 from 7 – 9:30 pm at M.D. Art Gallery, 7952 W. 3rd St, LA, CA 90048.


Winners of Yes Competition:
Chosen by our Juror
Peter Frank:

Liberty by Serena Potter

Honorary Mentions:
Francisco Alvarado, Erna Avan,
Theresa Lakier, Jane Serebrenikov


We are happy that LarkGallery which was founded 7 years ago really flies this year and we have so many great stories to share.... Here are just two of them:

- 24 of our Represented Artists were chosen to be featured on the billboard on Sunset Blvd.. 9039, East of Doheny Blvd.

- Our gallery was featured on West Hollywood TV News; our show "Find Your Roots" was the Editor’s Choice of The Fifth Avenue Times publication!


portal V logo

Our Portal V of Opportunities is open for submissions for Holiday Show at M.D. Art Gallery. Please submit for this exhibition small and middle size artworks, with biggest dimension - 40" (width or hight) and priced under $1500.
Participants will be chosen for exhibition by the gallery owner and curators.

MD and Lark gallery Holiday Show

We want to celebrate one year of our partnership with the M.D. Art Gallery and the 7 years of LarkGallery's international activities inspired by our mission to use the conversations of color, shape, texture and line to demonstrate that communication can be free of prejudice toward any language, religion and philosophy. If you think that this mission is close to your heart, please submit your best small and middle size creation to this show.

Stampede by Vered Galor

Opening reception - Saturday,
December 6, 7.00 - 9.30 pm
M.D. Art Gallery, 7952 W3rd street,
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Exhibition Dates:
December 6, 2014 - December 27, 2014

How to submit to our competitions

To enter, please submit your artworks, music and poetry using the submission link on our navigation bar. Then choose either Art Submission or Music and Poetry Submission and upload your creations to Portal V competition, or Music and Poetry. All accepted quality submissions will be exhibited online.

Submission deadline: November 22

Nature, Human and Urban Joys

Alex Chemer
Spring Cocktail by Alex Chemer

Art Exhibition "Nature, Human and Urban Joys" is on display at CIM Gallery, 184 W. Center St., Anaheim, 92805 (at the Promenade at  Anaheim - next door to MUZEO) and will run from November 8, 2014 through mid January 2015.


Irina Chelyapov
Printing on Pico Blvd by Irina Chelyapov

Our congratulations go to the 10 participants of the "Chance" competition chosen by Jeff Sulkin for a show held in November at Sulkin/Secant Gallery, Bergamot Station in Santa Monica . Date TBA. Here are the names of the  participants  chosen for the first show:

Roya Adjory, Natalie Aguilar, Erna Avan, Lee Balan, Susanne Belcher, Helen Berger, Jana Charl, Irina Chelyapov, Nickolas Chelyapov, Jenik Cook.

Enchanted Forest by Roya Adjory

Prizes for Portal IV 3 Winners

Our New Sponsor
Authentic Framing & Gallery
offered us prizes:
1st Prize: Free Custom Framing - $300
2nd Prize: Free Custom Framing - $200
3rd Prize: Free Custom Framing - $100

undergroundUnderground City by Lee Balan

Recent Testimonials

New testimonial to our exhibition "Yes" from MeetUp "Art Gallery Parties in L.A."s member - Phyllis Bernard:
"Thank you Laurra for organizing such a fun event. The art was beautiful and inspiring . Looking forward to the next one!"

We recently received a wonderful testimonial from very experienced and talented artist Lee Balan:
"I'm honored to be in the exhibition at the Sulkin Secant Gallery. I've told several people about Lark -- it is the best art organization and online gallery that I've seen. Thanks again!" Lee Balan 

Our New Head of Marketing and Public Relations

LauraThe LarkGallery team is pleased to welcome Laura Guerrero as our new Head of Marketing and Public Relations. Laura brings with her a decade of experience at Sotheby's prestigious Fine Art Auction House as an Arts and Social Media Specialist. She has curated art shows at The Experience Art Studio, and currently runs a successful Art Meetup group of 4,000 members that can serve as a template for the organizations she works with.

Our New Represented Artists

Our family of Represented Artists and Musicians is growing steadily! Artists - Dima Malanitchev, Alex Chemerisov, Rolf Juario, Lily Nava, Sergey Milokumov and musicians Marina Kesler, Anna Drubich and Leo Chelyapov joined us recently. Please go to our Represented Artists page to view their art and to our Represented Musicians page to listen to their music.

Please read more about LarkGallery Online artists on our blog and on our Facebook page

A recent testimonial from Find Your Roots participant, artist Frank Whipple: "I just wanted to let you know that my Open House event was a lot of fun, and really successful on many levels. I want to thank you and the community in West Hollywood for providing such a nice opportunity and for a wonderful space for us to put on our little show."

Opportunities for Musicians and Poets

Musicians and poets can also upload their creations to our music and poetry folder to be considered for participation in our "Marriage of Art and Music" program associated with the current art events. We are looking forward to seeing artists' artworks, music and poetry highlighted in our new Portal of Opportunities. We will be delighted to present our artists' talents to our art collectors. LarkGallery Online Represented Artists and Musicians will be considered first for LarkGallery happenings and special events.

The gallery owners will choose the artists, musicians and poets for their exhibitions and events. They will also determine how many artworks by each artist they want to exhibit and how many performances to showcase.


We received a great testimonial from Doctor Laura Kristan Wilhelm about our International Women's Day event:
"Stunning event at the PDC on Sunday!!! I liked the singers, the paintings, the wardrobe stylist, the chocolate goodies, and everything else."

A touching testimonial from our Represented artist Dr. Mark Valinsky: "I was very honored to be a part of this art exhibition. Thousands of people attended the overall event at the prestigious Bergamot Station Art Complex in Santa Monica, California. There was a consistent overflow crowd of art enthusiasts visiting the Sulkin/Secant Gallery. It was the best attended art showing ever, closing almost 2 hours later than anticipated. I want to personally thank Ms. Lark Larisa Pilinsky, Gallery President and Mr. Tony Clark, art expert Trustee of the Hollywood Arts Council for a memorable and highly successful event."

Also please read this excerpt from a letter by Fahriye Mahrenholz:

"LarkGallery is an incredible example of international collaboration, work toward mutual understanding, and a model for public discourse on social topics through the arts. We strongly support LarkGallery Online. It provides an invaluable service to the public and organizations such as ours."

Please view our latest Events page for a glimpse of exhibitions LGO artists have been participating in during the last two months.

Our Mission

We work to increase the visibility of talented artists from around the world and foster appreciation of art by teaching people of all ages a 21st century art language. We use the conversations of color, shape, texture and line to demonstrate that communication can be free of prejudice toward any language, religion or philosophy.

We want to give thanks to

Our Sponsors

Including: Radio show - KCRW "Art Talk", Phantom Galleries, Julie Rico, The Loft at Liz's and Functional Medicine in Los Angeles, HKazan Gallery in Culver City, Anais Gallery at Bergamot Station, Bleicher/Golightly Gallery in Santa Monica, Nicka Gallery in Tzfat, Israel, and Art Germann Gallery in Moscow, Russia. (To read more please visit "Our Sponsors" page)